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Teeth Whitening


Discover how we bring out your most dazzling smile in just one visit!

At our studio, we've perfected our transformative teeth whitening process that's designed with your convenience, comfort and confidence in mind. After our Premium Teeth Whitening session, the results will leave you in awe. Step into our studio and leave with a beaming, extraordinary smile – it's that simple!


The Process

1. Finding your Shade

The Teeth Shade Guide

Utilizing a dental grade teeth shade guide, we determine the initial shade of your teeth - so that after your teeth whitening session we can compare the results. We can also provide high quality before and after shots that we can provide after the treatment.

2. Whitening Your Teeth

The Teeth Whitening Gel

Our photosensitive and specifically formulated gel has a blend of active ingredients to deliver maximum whitening results in the shortest amount of time. The gel is enamel safe, painless and is only applied directly on the teeth with our patented Applia Brush™

3. The Activation

The LED Light

Our blue Infinity™ Pro SL whitening light, accelerates and enhances the teeth whitening process by activating the teeth whitening gel. The light is turned on for increments of 15 minutes, we then re-apply the whiten gel depending on the session type. Sit back and relax during your session in one of our premium reclining treatment chairs. Equipped with headphones and a tablet for streaming tv and movies, be entertained while we whiten your smile.

4. The Results

Clean Up & Smile

We offer teeth whitening either a 30 minutes (express) or a hour (premium) sessions aimed at whitening your smile multiple shades in one go. For aftercare we encourage you only consume water for the 1st hour after your session, and only consume non-staining foods and drinks for the first 24 hours after your treatment.

We are your Teeth Whitening experts

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Flexible Sessions fit for you

Free Consultation


Book a free 15-minute consultation for a detailed teeth whitening walkthrough and get all your questions answered. Whether it's an event, holiday, or a desire for a more powerful smile, drop by to experience our approach firsthand. Explore the studio, assess your desired brightness using our dental-grade teeth shade guide, and discover the perfect package tailored to your needs.

15 mins
Express Session


The Express Session is an ideal choice if you have done teeth whitening before and want to go a few shades lighter.

30 mins
Minimum 4 shades
Great for maintaining your current teeth shade
Premium Session


Our most popular and effective treatment for those new to teeth whitening. The Premium session ensures you attain the best visible results within the maximum recommended amount of time.

60 mins
Minimum 8 Shades
Great for first timers


People had to say!

"Staff are lovely, my teeth went 10 shades whiter and look great! They also watch Netflix during your session which definitely helps pass the time!"


14 Shades Whiter

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Common FAQs

Everything you need to know about teeth whitening. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to your friendly team

Our teeth whitening treatment is highly effective for individuals with staining caused by common culprits like smoking or beverages such as coffee, tea, or cola drinks. While it's a fantastic choice for most, we do advise against the procedure for pregnant women, young children, and customers with periodontal disease. The health and safety of our clients are of the utmost importance at Smile Lounge Sydney.

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